Life Diamonds 

What Do You Want The Most In Life 

What do you really want in your life??  What is it that you search for to achieve, acquire or  become?  Why is this important for you?  When we can give real thought and contemplation about these questions, then we can begin to enter this wondrous adventure of life.

I remember when at the age of 13 my greatest wish and desire was to have a brand new drum set.  I loved playing the drums.  I loved playing the drums very much that I used not only my hands to beat on the tables and chairs in the house.  I would also use the different spoons, butter knives and folks as my drum sticks as well.  This would drive my mother crazy. 

Kerwin, would you stop beating on the tables and chairs with the eating utensils boy!!  You are making so much noise.” 

One Christmas morning I can remember when I woke up and headed for the Christmas Tree in the living room, to my surprise there was a beautiful and magnificent Marble Ruby Red” 5 piece drum set.  I was surprised and shocked!!  My mother some how had bought me my first drum set and this fulfilled one of my greatest and deepest desires in my life.

As we age through life the needs and the desires all change, grow, and continually develop through time.  At 16 the desire for a car becomes important rather than a bicycle.   At 18 the desire to be on my own having my own apartment or place then became important. 

At 21 I wanted to become a successful businessman, someone others would look up to and feel very important and distinguish.  At 30 I then wanted to get married, have children and buy a large home. 

The idea is that each stage of growth, development and aging the desires and wishes change. Its important to learn and discover yourself better than you learn and discover anyone else.

We grow and develop through learning and making the daily discoveries about who we are and what we want to be.  Self-discovery is like a personal treasure that is hidden within everyone.

Its finding out about what makes one differently uniquely special from anyone and everyone else.  I think that this alone can make life more fun and free, when you can learn how to possess yourself completely and learn to celebrate yourself for being alive and full of life.

 Kerwin Jordan 





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